In various parts of UK media, primarily television series and films, producers and directors are forced to create fictional police forces to stand in for real ones, often due to copyright and licensing issues.

This database contains and will continue to be updated with examples of such fictional police forces that appear in all types of visual media in the United Kingdom.

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Pages created so far

Arden ConstabularyAvon & West PoliceBradfield Police
Brazen Gate PoliceBrighton & Hove PoliceBristol & District Constabulary
Bristol & Wessex PoliceBristol Metropolitan PoliceCambria Police / Heddlu Cambria
Cardiff Police / Caerdydd HeddluCedarfield PoliceCentral Gloucestershire Constabulary
Central London Police (By Any Means)Central London Police (Marcella)Central Police (Line of Duty)
Central Police (Residue)Central Yorkshire PoliceChiltern Police Force
City of Manchester PoliceCity of Town Constabulary
Constabulary (Bancroft)County Constabulary (A Touch of Frost)Dee Valley Police
Dundee City PoliceEast Central PoliceEast Greenock Police
East Highlands PoliceEast Lancashire PoliceEast Lincolnshire Constabulary
East London ConstabularyEast Midlands Constabulary (Line of Duty)
East Midlands Constabulary (Undeniable)East Sussex PoliceEastland Constabulary
Edinburgh Metropolitan PoliceFictional Police Forces in UK Media WikiFun and Games
Fylde PoliceGasforth ConstabularyGeneral Discussion
Glasgow PoliceGreater Amberton PoliceGreater London Constabulary
Greater London Police (Black Mirror)Greater London Police (Guilt)Greater London Police (Hustle)
Greater London Police (London Kills)Greater London Police (New Blood)Greater London Police (New Tricks)
Greater London Police (Next of Kin)Greater London Police (Silent Witness)Greater London Police (Suspects)
Greater London Police (The Capture)Greater Yorkshire PoliceHalebridge Road Police
Hallamshire PoliceHerefordshire ConstabularyHighland Constabulary
Inveree ConstabularyKembleford ConstabularyLiverpool Metropolitan Police
London Central PoliceLondon City ForceLondon East Police
London Police (Babylon)London Police (Blitz)London Police (Collateral)
London Police (Lucky Man)Lothian PoliceLow Marsh Police
Lymebridge PoliceManchester Metropolitan Police (In the Dark)
Manchester Metropolitan Police (No Offence)Manchester Metropolitan Police (Prey)Manchester Metropolitan Police (Scott & Bailey)
Marsh Valley PoliceMemory PoliceMersey Metropolitan Police Force
Middleford ConstabularyMiddlesex PoliceMidlands Central Police
Midlands PoliceMidsomer ConstabularyNational Crime Division
New on Wikia starter pagesNews and AnnouncementsNorth Berkshire Police
North Bridge PoliceNorth Counties Police ForceNorth Derbyshire Police
North East ConstabularyNorth Lakes ConstabularyNorth Manchester Police
North West ConstabularyNorth West County Police
North West Police (Accused)North West Police (Bancroft)North West Police (Paradox)
Northbourne ConstabularyNorthern District Police
Northumberland and City PoliceNorwich Police ServiceOrganised & Serial Crime Unit
Police (Criminal)Police (Doctor Who)Police (The Cops)
Police (The Ghost Squad)Police / Heddlu (Keeping Faith)Police Department of Havenmoor
Police GlasgowPolice HighlandPolice Service (A Confession)
Questions and AnswersRiver Valley Police / Heddlu CwmafanSaint Marie Police
Sandford ConstabularyScottish Highland Police
Scottish National Police (Shetland)Scottish National Police (The Victim)Scottish Police Force
Scottish Police ServiceSheffield ConstabularyShetland Constabulary
Shieldinch & Mossgreen PoliceSouth Berkshire ConstabularySouth Central Wales Police / Heddlu Canolog De Cymru
South Coast ConstabularySouth Darts PoliceSouth Downs Police
South East Lancashire County ConstabularySouth Hertfordshire PoliceSouth Mercia Constabulary
South Midlands Police ForceSouth Sussex PoliceSouth West Constabulary (Snoddy)
South West Constabulary (Wycliffe)South West Police (Ill Behaviour)St Ives Police
Successville Police DepartmentTEOTFW Police
Thamesford ConstabularyThanet & Dover Police
Top Gear Police Department (TGPD)Tyneside Police (55 Degrees North)
Tyneside Police (Cobra)Undercover Narcotics Investigation TeamValleys Police / Heddlu Valleys
Wales Valley Police / Heddlu Cymoedd CymruWeatherfield Police
Wessex Police (Broadchurch)Wessex Police (Silent Witness)West Lancashire Police
West London PoliceWest of Scotland PoliceWestbridge Police
Westershire ConstabularyWinston Hill Police
Woodmere PoliceWyvern ConstabularyYorkshire Police (DCI Banks)
Yorkshire Police (Emmerdale)Yorkshire Police (Happy Valley)Yorkshire Police (Last Tango in Halifax)
Yorkshire Police (Love, Lies and Records)Yorkshire Police (Remember Me)
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